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How to secure all your accounts

Your LiteBit account is already very secure, because we built all our products with security in mind. But there are other weak spots that can emerge if you don’t take account security serious enough. With this short guide we like to provide you the basic knowledge to check on your general IT security and do things the right way.

Your checklist

This checklist is basically asking if you respect best practices or if you ignoring them. Before changing anything, please answer these questions considering all your accounts that are in use. It doesn’t matter if its email, social media or your customer account with your hairdresser. Check all of them!

  • Are you reusing passwords on different platforms?
  • Are your passwords strong enough?
  • Do you use 2FA where ever it is available?
  • Are you using more than one email address?
  • Do you tweak your browser for security?
  • Are you careful with suspicious e-mails?

What to make of your answers?

If your first answer is “yes”, then you should start reading our introduction to password managers. Same goes for the second question if your answer is “no”. Because if you are not sure about the strength of your passwords, then they most likely are the weakest link in the chain.

The third question is already very suggestive. If you have the option to use 2FA with any type of service, then you should opt for it. In this article you will find more information on 2FA.

Email addresses are tricky. You should use more than one. The safest option is to use one e-mail per account at risk. But what accounts are at risk?

The online account with your hairdresser and your forum account on www.garden-tools.orgis not necessarily a target for criminals. If you respect all the other best practices these accounts are already secured as much as possible.

But everything related to cryptocurrencies and banking should be kept separate from the rest. Meaning that you need an extra e-mail address for each service. You should also consider to harden your browser. If this is a new topic for you, you should read on to this article.

Last but not least you should also develop a keen eye for suspicious e-mails. Many of them are phishing or fraud attempts. Generally speaking: Nobody will ever ask for your login credentials. Not at LiteBit and not at any other service. And if you receive an offer that sounds too good to be true it simply isn’t.

The last line of your defense is your common sense. Stay sharp!

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