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LiteBit.eu, the name, this web page, support in any form and the services offered by LiteBit.eu fall under the direct control of the 2525 Ventures B.V.. The 2525 Ventures B.V. recognizes the importance of the safety of both the use and personal information as a key requirement to provide services as LiteBit.eu does. Our Privacy Policy explains the foundation, whether or not expandable, in order to ensure safety. By using our services you agree with our Privacy Statement.

Because of the innovative nature of digital currency and the crypto environment in general the future is unpredictable. New services could be designed with new functions or removed from the list. LiteBit.eu, covered under the 2525 Ventures B.V. umbrella reserves the right to modify specifications without informing you at all times. Therefore, it is advisable to read the Privacy Statement from time to time to keep updated. It is your responsibility to be aware of the changes made.

You may be asked to provide personal information. This is necessary in order to complete the verification process, which is necessary to be able to make use of (some) services. The following information may be of interest to us: your account number, IP address and name. We will never ask your social id number. We deny uploaded documents that show your social id number.
LiteBit.eu uses this data not only to be able to provide the safest possible environment, but also because it is required by law. Your information will only be used for legitimate purposes for which they were collected. We act by the Data Protection Act and other legislation with similar interfaces. We keep your personal information as long as necessary for the use. We use your information to include the following:

  • Registration on LitBit.eu or similar services.
  • Verification on LiteBit.eu
  • Receiving FIAT currency from LiteBit.eu through our payment processor.
  • Sending FIAT currency to LiteBit.eu through our payment processor.
  • Optimize our security system with respect to our history.

  • To inform you of any important changes.
  • Keep you informed of products or services of the 2525 Ventures B.V. which are similar to those that you have purchased, unless you have indicated that you do not appreciate.
  • Fight fraud which has the highest priorieit.
  • Fulfill obligations under laws and regulations.

Litebit.eu has the responsibility to save your data as secure as possible, and to make it unaccessible to third parties. There are some exceptions:

  • When it comes to law enforcement, LiteBit.eu will always share your information with government officials. This may involve fraud, money laundering or other laws of distressing situations.
  • If the 2525 Ventures B.V. will be transferred to a new entity, whether or partly in its entirety where customer data is linked inextricably these will move into the new entity, unless agreed otherwise with or without a third party.

Also in technical sense data is being stored and maintained. This is not only mandatory, it also contributes to the safety of LiteBit.eu to make it as secure as possible.

We store the following information:
  • Your IP-address
  • Your IBAN number.
  • Your name specified in the registration, we encode it into a series of numbers to make it unrecognizable for third parties.
  • Your delivery address, for example, to deliver Bitcoins.
  • Your e-mail address to keep you informed of your orders. For example if there is a delay or wrong delivery address.

Where we use this for?
  • To check the validity of your orders.
  • So you do not have to verify again.
  • To prevent fraudulent transactions.
  • To check return visits.