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Web3 innovation: Sony files for NFT patent

Most crypto and NFT-related software are open-source and it is kept this way for good reason. But as soon as companies start showing interest in new technology, they want to keep their developments safe by securing intellectual property. Often this reveals highly interesting trends because to protect this property, companies have to file patent applications. These applications are public and therefore everybody can take a good look at what might become the future in the respective field.

What is the NFT patent application from Sony Interactive Entertainment all about?

An interoperable NFT framework

Sony is one of the leading gaming companies worldwide. Over 120 million devices of the PlayStation 5 and its predecessor Playstation 4 have been sold until the end of 2022. Making the PlayStation platform the most widespread in the world.

It is therefore a big whoop that Sony is looking into Web3 technology like NFTs. According to the filings, Sony is looking forward to patenting an interoperable NFT framework. Its purpose is to transfer non-fungible tokens across different games and different platforms. In this case, the NFTs wouldn’t represent art, but in-game items such as weapons, armor, clothing, or any other form of digital collectibles.

Other gaming companies such as Ubisoft have already trialed NFTs. The feedback that they received from gamers was mixed. Ubisoft presented its Quartz platform in 2022 transforming certain in-game items in Ghost Recoin into NFTs.

When will Sony adopt this technology?

Patents can take several years until they are granted since applications are going through a lengthy process. Does that mean that we have to wait years until Sony adopts NFTs? Not necessarily because the company could choose to opt for other already existing technologies to be implemented before they start their framework.

On a side note, Sony might as well never delve into Web3. Tech companies are patenting all kinds of things that research and development departments discover along the way. The fact that the company is trying to protect the fruits of its work doesn’t necessarily mean that it plans to make move. However, it is a strong hint that the possibility exists.

The application also shows that Sony is looking into the option of players buying and selling their NFTs. App stores have already proven to be a strong business model and an NFT-driven marketplace for in-game items might be highly profitable. At the end of the day, one can only speculate if and when Sony will adopt NFTs.

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