All time high: Beeple NFT sells for 69 million US-Dollars

Written by Erik Weijers 2 months ago

United Kingdom wants to regulate stablecoins

According to a spokesperson for the UK Treasury, a new law will include a regulatory framework on stablecoins. It's yet another sign that the UK wants to embrace crypto instead of pushing it away.

Among other things, the spokesperson said:

“This will create the conditions for issuers and service providers to operate and grow in the U.K., whilst ensuring financial stability and high regulatory standards.”

Regulation of crypto also came up in Prince Charles' speech on behalf of Queen Elizabeth last week. Also in the context of fighting crime. This is not to say that the UK has a negative attitude towards crypto. On the contrary. The country has expressed its desire to become a forerunner in the crypto industry. The British government had made the news on numerous occasions in recent weeks. Among other things, with the Royal Mint's intention to mint an NFT.

Stablecoins here to stay

Like the UK, the United States has already indicated its intention to regulate stablecoins rather than ban them. However, the question is whether there will be a shuffling in the stablecoin market, with some getting the green light and others being marginalized. USDC, for example, seems to have a good shot. Algorithmic stablecoins without collateral will undoubtedly struggle. Especially given the crash of UST last week.

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