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Ubisoft Quartz: In-game items become NFTs on Ghost Recon

Ubisoft just announced that it is going to start Quartz. The platform will enable gamers to collect in-game content as non-fungible tokens. While this is still an early-stage experiment, this platform could possibly pave the way for the broader implementation of NFTs into AAA gaming titles. What is Quartz and how can you participate in Ubisoft’s upcoming NFT airdrop?

Ghost Recon goes NFT

Quartz is still a Beta, meaning that the platform is in an early stage and will support only one game. Starting with Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Gamers will have the opportunity to win unique in-game items that will allow adjusting the look of their equipment. To get your hands on one of those so-called “digits” players have to be at least 18 years old and play the game via Ubisoft Connect on a Windows computer.

Access to Quartz is limited to the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, France, Australia, and Belgium. Participants also have to reach level 5 to qualify. The airdrops will commence on December 9th as well as on December 12th and 15th.

Not all companies agree with NFTs conquering the gaming industry. It was only recently when Steam announced that all games that involve cryptocurrencies and NFTs will be banned from the platform. This move is believed to be motivated by compliance concerns, but it seems that other players in the industry are willing to shape a whole new market. According to Ubisoft gamers will be able to trade NFTs on Rarible and Objkt.

Ubisoft is a baker

Quartz is based on Tezos a smart contract platform that started as an ICO in 2017. Building Quartz on Tezos comes to no surprise. It was in April when Ubisoft announced that the company became a so-called corporate baker.

The Tezos blockchain is powered by a proof of stake mechanism called baking. Bakers validate transactions on the Tezos blockchain and fulfill a similar role as miners in the Bitcoin network. It remains to be seen if Ubisoft will have a success offering this brand-new gaming experience that will allow gamers to truly own the in-game content.

More and more companies are getting involved in tokenizing their products. Many analysts believe that the gaming industry is one of the most promising market since gamers are already used to the idea to identify themselves with something that exists only in the digital world.

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