Robert Steinadler, 2 months ago

Solana presents Saga the first Web3 smartphone

Solana had its fair share of problems since its blockchain suffered from outages several times. Not exactly the publicity that is helpful to convince more users to adopt its technology and explore all the options that it offers. The good news is that the team around Solana is continuously developing all the tools that are needed to push its technology to the next level. One of these many attempts to achieve something big and unique is the Solana Saga.

What are the features of Solana’s smartphone and where is it available?

A high-end smartphone

The development started in 2022 and the first smartphones will be delivered by next week to those customers who pre-ordered last year. Delivery of the next batch is to be expected on May 8 and it will be interesting to see how big the demand for smartphones is. Orders can be made directly on the website.

The Saga is a high-end smartphone and with a price of $1,000, it is placed next to the top models from Apple and Samsung. Saga is packed with features such as a 50 MP camera, 512 GB RAM, a touch sensor at the back, and an AMOLED display of 6,67 inches in size. This seems to justify the pricing but what is more enticing about the phone are its native Web3 capabilities.

It features its own dApp store where decentralized applications are available and installed directly on the smartphone. More common applications are also available via Google Play Service. With these features on board, the Solana Saga is the world’s first full-blown Web3 smartphone.

Do we need a dedicated crypto smartphone?

As a matter of fact, many applications such as wallets are available on Apple and Android devices. Decentralized applications on the other hand can only be used through the browser and are not supported natively.

Past attempts to design a dedicated blockchain smartphone have failed. Such as the HTC Exodus, which never gained any traction. The crucial difference between Solana Saga and previous attempts is that the Saga is a product that makes no compromise when it comes down to its components. The Exodus itself was equipped with hardware that fell behind Apple and Samsung.

Users can simply enjoy a high-end product that is not lacking any of the basic features but also offers an experience that other smartphones don’t. This makes the Saga quite unique and could possibly attract more users who are not into crypto but are interested in that unique experience.

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