Robert Steinadler, 2 months ago

Shiba Inu revealing more details of the SHIB metaverse

The launch of Shibarium was highly anticipated and when the official beta launched the hype around the launch calmed down. The platform allows to launch of decentralized apps and is powered by SHIB. But Shibarium is not the only effort to drive user adoption by offering strong use cases. Back in March, the team launched a metaverse happy hour and Shytoshi Kusama teased Shiba Inu's version of the metaverse. One month later more details are being revealed and once again the ShibArmy gets excited.

What are Shiba Inu’s plans for the metaverse and how did the market react?

The metaverse is a vast space

There is no single place that is called the metaverse. Instead, the term represents a collection of ideas about how a virtual world could look like and what kind of options it offers for interaction. Most crypto-related versions of the metaverse are including some form of gamification by forming a 3D world that can be discovered by players.

But instead of just playing games, they can also interact in a meaningful way. It became clear in March during the South by Southwest (SXSW) music, film, culture, and technology conference that Shiba Inu will launch an immersive world leveraging the Unreal 5 engine.

Interestingly enough, Shiba Inu Metaverse is a decentralized app on Shibarium. Therefore, the layer-2 solution becomes even more important since it would be required to launch before the metaverse could be released.

An update on “SHIB – The Metaverse”

Yesterday, the team gave an update on the development of the platform. It seems that communication is key and therefore they launched a separate Twitter account to keep the community posted on the latest issues.

More details about the platform were also released. There will be a plot builder that will allow the users to customize their land plots including object placement, terrain editing, interactivity, monetization, and publishing. The team also revealed in a blog post how much space users have to build and own land. Customizing digital real estate has been a successful formula for other metaverse platforms so far and it is no surprise that Shiba Inu is attempting the same for its metaverse. An avatar builder will also be part and users can choose between photorealistic and stylized avatars. Giving them the option to customize their virtual appearance how they see fit.

The update also included a sneak preview called Rocket Pond which is a Hub that players can explore. Pictures of the preview show a photo-realistic designed world. It will be exciting to see the results once Rocket Pond will be revealed during the next update.

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