Sharing Shards: Ledger Recover sparks controversy

May 16, 2023

Creating reliable backups of one’s hardware wallets is perhaps the most important thing. This is usually done by writing down a so-called seed phrase consisting of 24 words. Losing this recovery phase means losing access to the wallet if it is lost or physically damaged. A couple of methods are available to ensure the seed is kept safe. Some users go so far as to engrave them in steel plates to make them fire and waterproof. 

Are hardware wallets safe? Kaspersky’s alarming report raises questions

May 16, 2023

Hardware wallets are the top-notch solution to keep cryptocurrencies and NFTs safe and sound. The devices are designed to provide a secure environment that is immune to remote access by any attacker. Therefore, most influencers, the broader media, and crypto communities recommend using a hardware wallet. Especially beginners are being told to use them to store their crypto. This is only sound advice given the fact that crypto worth billions of dollars got lost since the inception of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin privacy as a feature: Trezor implements CoinJoin

Apr 20, 2023

Bitcoin transactions are not anonymous. Its blockchain is public and all transactions can be audited at any time. This is not a bug but a feature because only if every person in the world can audit every detail, then Bitcoin becomes a truly decentralized and secure digital form of money. This transparency also comes with a downside. Unlike a bank account, any company can watch the blockchain for activity and use the data for all kinds of purposes. One specific technology has been thought of several years ago to improve the situation.

A mysterious wallet exploit concerns security researchers

Apr 19, 2023

Security is important when dealing with cryptocurrencies. All transactions are final and investors should always take into account that not everyone out there on the internet is being honest. Decentralized finance is especially vulnerable since many smart contracts are at work and one single line of buggy code can expose millions. This explains why so many exploits have happened in the past with so many different protocols throughout several blockchains. However, the most recent incident cannot be attributed easily.


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