UK Treasury Committee wants to treat crypto as gambling

May 18, 2023

Many crypto enthusiasts and the broader crypto industry had high hopes for the UK to become the biggest crypto hub next to Europe. An open and efficient regulatory framework was promised, and it was believed that crypto would soon thrive in the country. A royal NFT mint was one of the many indicators that these plans are more than just make-believe. The expectations for crypto in the UK have changed all of a sudden.

US presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. pro Bitcoin

May 10, 2023

Robert F. Kennedy junior ('RFK Jr.', 1954) is a 2024 Democratic Party presidential candidate who is pro Bitcoin and crypto. Like many politicians who challenge the incumbents, he presents himself as anti establishment and defends civil liberties like free speech. Let's investigate his views on crypto and his chances to win.

Argentina bans payment providers from dealing in crypto

May 06, 2023

On May 4, Argentina's central bank banned payment providers from offering and accepting crypto. Payment providers now fall under the same rule as financial institutions in the country. It appears to be a form of 'capital control' - but it won't prevent Argentinians from owning crypto.

Coinbase is seeking regulatory clarity in the US

Apr 25, 2023

The SEC is wreaking regulatory havoc in the US. At least that’s the perception of some members of Congress who aren’t happy with the SEC’s approach. Coinbase is particularly unhappy since the company received a Wells notice which could lead potentially to a lawsuit against the US-based exchange. But there is more to that story. In July 2022, Coinbase asked for regulatory clarity by filing a petition to the SEC.


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