Written by Monica Vierveijzer a month ago

Somewhat unexpected new partnerships for The Sandbox

The Sandbox (SAND) is already known as one of the most promising spaces in Web3. Their metaverse is already home to many partnerships, like Adidas. Partnerships with large non-tech companies are always an important indicator of the adoption of either crypto as a whole, or in this case, embracing the metaverse.

Earlier this week, two more partnerships were announced.

Do an ollie in The Sandbox

Yesterday, skateboarding legend Tony Hawk shared a video on his social media of his latest tricks. In collaboration with Autograph, he will soon bring a skateboarding experience to The Sandbox. Autograph will design avatars and NFTs based on the world’s most famous skateboarder of all times.

You can soon build your own skating ramps, and sell skateboards and accessories on a digital marketplace. Together they plan to create the largest virtual skatepark ever made: Tony Hawk LAND will feature 36 plots of land.

Are any other millennials having flashbacks to Nickelodeon's show Rocket Power?

An exciting new partnership

On Monday, a very “exciting” (pun intended) partnership was announced. Playboy, a company you may be familiar with, is teaming up with The Sandbox to create a Playboy MetaMansion social game. Apart from the mansion, with the world-famous bunnies, there will also be NFT collectables and special experiences for PlayboyNFT holders.

According to The Sandbox, later this quarter players will be able to buy neighbouring NFT land plots to the MetaMansion. If you keep in mind that someone paid $450.000 to be Snoop Dogg’s neighbour in the Snoopverse late last year, we are curious to see who is the more desirable neighbour: rapper Snoop Dogg, or a bunch of Playboy bunnies.

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