Robert Steinadler, 2 months ago

Musk renewed his offer: Will McDonald’s accept Dogecoin?

We already talked about Musk earlier this week when Tesla's last report showed that the company is holding onto its Bitcoin investment. Anticipating that Elon Musk could potentially drive the market and specifically Dogecoin to new highs, the Dogefather acted today and did what he is doing best: chatting on Twitter.

What is Musk’s proposal to McDonald’s and will the fast-food chain adopt the Dogecoin standard?

One happy meal, please

The happy meal is maybe one of the most iconic dishes McDonald’s has to offer. Last year in January Musk made an offer to the restaurant. If McDonald’s would accept Dogecoin payments, then Musk vowed to eat a happy meal on U.S. national television.

Musk is not only rich but also super famous. While it doesn’t seem to be too exciting watching him eating a meal, the outreach that would be created in terms of marketing would be unprecedented. However, McDonald's did not pick up on that idea and until this day each burger is sold for Euros, Dollars, or other currencies, but not for DOGE.

McDonald's hasn’t been very active on Twitter since last November and when the team reactivated the account, one of the Dogecoin designers tagged Musk in the comments asking if his offer is still standing.

Musk renewed his vow

The Dogefather immediately replied, stating that his offer is still standing in 2023. Still, there is no answer from McDonald’s available whether they accept the deal this year or not. Now that Musk controls Twitter he might reach out to even more people.

Therefore, he is still making an attractive offer that is based on the idea of promoting each other. While Dogecoin started as a non-serious project that was intended to make fun of cryptocurrencies, it became something different after all these years. Should McDonald’s consider accepting DOGE, then this would most likely drive the market insane.

This effect set in several times between 2020 and 2022, after Musk adopted Dogecoin as his hobby and promoted it on social media. A large part of the Bitcoin community cannot forgive the fact that he is not doing the same for BTC. The fact that Tesla is still holding Bitcoin and that Musk is still promoting crypto is nevertheless important. With more attention being drawn to the topic, more new users will try and dip a toe into the crypto waters ultimately contributing to the fact that crypto is here to stay.

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