Robert Steinadler, 8 months ago

Musk: Boring Company will accept Dogecoin for payments

Elon Musk is back and this time the Dogefather is driving the mass adoption of his favorite meme coin even further. The Boring Company is perhaps the most successful running gag of all time offering products for sale that nobody needs, but everybody wants to buy. Today, Musk made yet another announcement that involved Dogecoin after facing harsh criticism for his comments on the war in Ukraine over the last week.

Why is Musk betting on Dogecoin and how is it integrated into the Boring Company?

Do you like the smell of burnt hair?

Just a few hours ago, Musk announced that the Boring Company is going to ship yet another useful product in early 2023. This time it is a fragrance that is called Burnt Hair and as you can tell by the name it resembles the smell of burnt hair.

While data suggests that people generally avoid burning their hair and the smell resulting from doing so, it is almost certain that this will become another hit seller on the company’s online store. Each bottle is offered for 104,95€ and helps customers to enjoy the smell of burnt hair without leaning over a candle.

In the past, these types of jokes were highly successful with the infamous flamethrower that was not an actual flamethrower being perhaps the best example. The product sold out within a few hours.

Pay in Dogecoin

Since the online store is integrated with Shopify, payments with Dogecoin are also possible for this fine product. This time, the DOGE price didn’t react to the breaking news, which is very different from the news that broke over Musk’s Twitter deal.

Apparently, the richest man in the world will buy Twitter for the initial agreed amount of money per share. Many investors and fans of both Musk and Dogecoin are speculating that once he will take over, Dogecoin will play a fundamental role in the upcoming changes on the platform.

So far, Musk seems to be frustrated with censorship on social media that is meant to be some sort of protection against extremist views. Twitter banned former US president Donald Trump because he was accused of incinerating hate among his audience. It is not clear if Musk will be able to sort these problems out, but the speculation that he is going to integrate Dogecoin is valid. This is proven again by his commitment to selling the smell of burnt hair for Dogecoin internationally.

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