Erik Weijers, a year ago

Movie about Ethereum funded by NFT sale

Ridley Scott's team will produce a movie about the early days of Ethereum. In true spirit of the blockchain that the film is about, control of production will be decentralized in a DAO. The project will partly be funded by the sale of over ten thousand NFTs.

Ridley Scott is the director of a string of classics such as Blade Runner and Gladiator. The script of The Infinite Machine is based on the book of the same name, written by Camila Russo. It was the first non-technical book about Ethereum, aimed at the general public. Russo will be the executive director of the film: "We want to make the film The Social Network of crypto: a Hollywood film, in other words. Even though there are a number of documentaries about crypto, there are no dramas yet.”

The history of Ethereum

The early days of Ethereum (2013-2017) are a fertile ground for a film script. Vitalik, in his good-naturedness, allowed seven co-founders to be at the helm. Sooner or later that had to lead to conflict. Indeed, it led to Charles Hoskinson and Gavin Wood, among others, starting their own projects: Cardano and Polkadot, respectively. There was also the intense episode surrounding the draining of the Ethereum DAO and the hard fork that followed.

There is already plenty of speculation on Twitter about who should play the roles of Vitalik and co. Since it's a story, there has to be a hero and a villain. The hero, according to Russo, will be Vitalik but the villain is not yet clear: "Maybe Charles Hoskinson, maybe Gavin Wood. Then again, I don't want to over-dramatize it. It has to be truthful.” According to Russo, the script is now beginning to take shape. She expects the movie to be released sometime in 2024. Maybe great timing with the next bull run?

Funding the movie by NFT's

The movie has a preliminary budget of $16 million, and will partly be funded by the sale of NFTs. This means anyone can invest by purchasing an NFT. The collection was created by several artists from countries "where decentralization has a major impact on lives" and inspired by their designs of the Ethereum logo. Combining the four quadrants of the many logo designs creates 10,499 NFTs. That number is inspired by the block number in which EIP-1559 was activated.

Purchasers of an NFT are granted voting rights in The Infinite Machine DAO. This DAO will be the executive producer of the film. Also, certain NFTs give you rights. For example, to be mentioned in the credits but also to be allowed to act as an extra in the film. These rights are assigned by a lottery after all NFTs have been minted. There have been two mints so far and the third is coming up. The collection is also for sale on OpenSea. The floor price is about 0.18 Ether.

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