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Long forgotten riches: LiteBit users discover their forgotten Dogecoin holdings

Dogecoin rallied to an all-time high of 40 Cents and many investors cheered over the fact that they became rich overnight. While Elon Musk became the “Dogefather” and the unofficial leader of the Dogecoin community a more interesting story has happened completely unnoticed by the broader public. Here is the incredible story of LiteBit users who just got contacted, because they were holding Dogecoin worth hundreds of thousands of Euros.

It all begins in 2017

Our story begins in the year 2017 when cryptocurrencies were showing peak performance and many people felt that this is the time to jump on board before this train was leaving the station. As we all know the year 2017 ended with some of the biggest rallies only to be followed by the biggest and yearlong correction starting right at the beginning of 2018.

By 2019 Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies hit their low point and many people left their “bags” on LiteBit without a second thought. Most of the assets in question were only worth a couple of Euros. And that was especially true for Dogecoin holdings of mulitple users who became rich overnight without knowing, because they forgot about holding tremendous amounts of DOGE for years. We already notified the owners of the inactive accounts and the bagholders in question immediately cashed in for hundreds of thousands of euros.

You might be rich without knowing it!

It might be the case that you have a longforgotten bag of Dogecoin sitting in your account and haven’t noticed yet. Check all of your old e-mails and mobile numbers. Anything that could be connected and related to a forgotten LiteBit account could help you possibly discover riches that belong to you! Dogecoin went from around 0,002 Euros in April 2020 to a whopping 30 Cents today, which is below the all-time high, but still an increase of 14900 %

Buy DOGE on LiteBit

You might have missed out on Dogecoin, but there might be even more opportunity and potential growth in the future. With 30 Cents per DOGE, Dogecoin is still among the cheapest cryptocurrencies on the market, if you compare it to Ethereum or Bitcoin. If the hype continuous it potentially could attract even more investors. LiteBit offers to buy, sell and store Dogecoin securely and comfortably using VISA or 5 other payment methods. If you like to open an account with LiteBit, please click here. If you are already registered, click here:


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