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LiteBit is announced best crypto broker for the second year in a row

Cashcow Magazine November 2020

LiteBit has brought in the title of "best crypto broker" for the second year in a row at the Cashcow Awards. The crypto platform owes its performance to the private investors who, by a large majority, chose LiteBit in the Best Crypto Broker category.

LiteBit sees the award as a crown on its hard work. Olivier van Duijn, CEO of LiteBit: “It is extra special to win this prize for the second time in a special year like 2020. Not only because of the corona crisis, but also because we have invested heavily behind the scenes in our users in Europe in the past year. The platform has already become faster, more personal and easier, with a lot more to come next year. The trade in cryptocurrencies can no longer be ignored and is growing every year. Yet it is still something exciting for many people. What is it, how does it work, where can you best do this, is it safe? LiteBit tries to answer these questions as well as possible. We want to be the most customer-friendly and reliable platform in Europe. It's great that investors see and appreciate that.”

Safe, simple and human

Winning prizes is not a goal in itself, but the title is an extra recognition for LiteBit for putting the customer first. Throughout Europe, the LiteBit.eu platform and app are used daily and the Customer Support team is available 24/7 for questions and support in their own language. “This way we make the step to crypto easier, more secure and more personal for everyone with an interest. Our goal is therefore to be the leading European crypto platform, not only for the people who already trade in crypto, but for everyone”, says Van Duijn. Earlier this year, LiteBit renewed its website and app, making it even safer and easier to trade. Preparations are also being made behind the scenes for registrations in various European countries, which further underline the reliability of the broker.

The Dutch broker sees the Cashcow Award as recognition for putting customers first

Reliable and safe

According to Van Duijn, the crypto landscape is slowly maturing. “Supervision of the sector is starting to take shape. We think that is a good thing, because we run on trust. We keep a close eye on the rapidly changing laws and regulations regarding crypto, so that we can create a safe environment for our customers.” By operating fairly and according to the rules, sharing knowledge and helping users where necessary, LiteBit removes as many doubts as possible.

Reliability is essential, as shown by recent research commissioned by LiteBit: 71% of investors interested in crypto say that reliability is the deciding factor. LiteBit wants to become the number 1 in Europe by being the most customer-friendly and reliable crypto broker. Investors and potential investors still prefer the traditional stock market to investing in crypto. Yet there is also growing interest: one in eight investors (13%) already owns crypto. Since its foundation, LiteBit has hosted more than a million users from all over Europe on the platform, and this number continues to grow.

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