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Google Cloud offers specialized Web3 services for startups

Web3 is a term that describes a bunch of technologies that are supposed to decentralize the internet and software. Blockchain technology in particular plays a huge role in this field. For instance, non-fungible tokens allow users to own and transfer the digital content that they enjoy. More use cases are lining up and more companies are interested in building blockchains or applications for already existing blockchains like Solana, Aptos, Ethereum, or Avalanche.

How is Google Cloud Services supporting the mission of startups working in the field of Web3?

The Web3 startups program

The program provides technical tools, cloud services, and even more important access to grants. The money comes from Google Cloud’s foundation partners Celo, Aptos, Flow, Near, Hedera, and Solana.

Companies can check their eligibility on the official website and can apply for all kinds of perks such as up to $200,000 over 2 years of Google Cloud and Firebase usage covered in Google Cloud credits. The fact that other big players such as AWS and Microsoft’s Azure are entering the space gives reason to believe that Google’s ambitions are fueled by their competitors.

Should Web3 turn out to be the next big thing, then it would provide a huge advantage to establish a foothold in advance. No matter how decentralized the future is, somebody needs to provide the infrastructure for Web3 and it looks like Google wants to win that race.

Web3 is moving fast

The Web3 scene can be best described as a fast-moving environment. In October 2022, Google presented the public with a node hosting service for Ethereum and promised to integrate other blockchains soon. Only six months later we are looking at a full-blown program for Web3 startups offering something that is most important in this space: partnerships.

Those startups who are lucky to enroll in the program will also get early access to the exclusive Web3 toolset that Google is currently building. Some companies like the blockchain analysis tool Nansen already leverage Google services to provide real-time data to their customers.

It remains to be seen if Web3 will lead the internet to the promised land. Recently, Solana started its smartphone with a Web3 focus on decentralized applications. This is one of the leading examples that companies and startups are still building products for this big vision even though the hype around Web3 has cooled down.

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