Monica Vierveijzer, a month ago

Floki launches long-anticipated FlokiFi locker

Many Floki fans (or: Floki Vikings) are cheering now that the FlokiFi locker was launched on their mainnet yesterday. Floki is working hard to shake off its memecoin reputation and has been focusing on creating more utility.

What is FlokiFi and is there reason to be bullish?

FlokiFi in a nutshell

FlokiFi is a protocol for securing your digital assets, like NFTs and tokens. It will be locked in a smart contracts vault. It supports twelve different EVM-compatible blockchains at the mainnet launch, including Polygon and Optimism. Due to the implemented ERC-1155 standard, you are also able to lock a combination of different types of assets all in one transaction.

Locking your assets means you are not able to withdraw during a set period of time. This can be useful, for example, when a token creator wants to prove to investors that they can’t do a rug pull until the lock expires. But it’s also convenient if you tend to have paper hands and have a history of panic selling. With your tokens locked, you are forced to HODL.

Utility over memes

With FlokiFi being the first utility product to make it to mainnet, the Vikings are excited to see even more development included on Floki’s ambitious roadmap. Next up are Flokiplaces (an NFT and merchandise store), Floki University (Floki’s very own education platform) and of course P2E metaverse game Valhalla.

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