Robert Steinadler, 23 days ago

Enterprise tokens ahead: COTI is closing in to finish its roadmap

COTI is maybe one of the few projects in the crypto space that is especially driven by the idea to revolutionize the payment sector. Transactions are a very basic function of cryptocurrencies, but there is a lot more involved when we are looking at corporate structures and digital payments.

What are the latest developments around COTI and will the 2022 roadmap soon be finished?

Bridge 2.0 deployed on testnet

COTI is going through a shift this year that is almost finished. The so-called MultiDAG 2.0 will allow developers, merchants and enterprises to issue tokens on the Trustchain. Another part of that evolution is the new bridge that entered the testnet last week.

The new bridge inherits MultiDAG 2.0 capabilities and supports bi-directional multi token swaps. This is considered to be a huge improvement when comparing the functionality of the current bridge. It allows simply to swap COTI between the Trustchain and supported networks. Other cool features are the option to abort a swap or to demand a refund, a monitor page as well as a redesigned user interface.

But the bridge is not the only feature and perhaps not as important as to what COTI is still working on this year.

Enterprise tokens are expected in Q4

The basic feature of MultiDAG 2.0 is to issue new tokens on COTI’s Trustchain in a similar way like ERC-20 tokens are issued on Ethereum. One of the differences is that the token standard is called COTI MultiDAG (CMD) and that COTI is not looking to create yet another space for utility tokens like Ethereum did.

According to the official roadmap we could soon see the first enterprise token based on the technology that was deployed throughout the rest of this year. So far, no information is available which company could be the first partner for an initial release of such a token.

The goal of COTI is to become the worlds leading enterprise layer-1 solution. While it is not clear if we are about to witness that plan coming into fruition this year, a first partnership for 2023 could hypothetically be announced in Q4. With COTi closing in on the last items of its roadmap the next year is going to be exciting for its team and it will be interesting to keep an eye on how things will develop. Earlier this year COTI became the home for the algorithmic stablecoin Djed that is developed by IOG for Cardano. 

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