Robert Steinadler, 14 days ago

Earn Bitcoin by listening to podcasts, here is how

Play to earn is closely connected to NFTs and blockchain gaming. Most of our dear readers might have already heard of the concept behind these games. But have you ever heard about listening to earn? This could be a brand-new thing and help you, your friends, and your family to earn some Bitcoin while being entertained or educated.

What is listening to earn all about, and how do podcasters as well as their audience profit from the idea?

ZEBEDEE announced a partnership with Fountain

Today, the Bitcoin-based gaming company ZEBEDEE announced a partnership with the podcasting platform Fountain. ZEBEDEE offers a variety of solutions that allow using Bitcoin for micropayments in games such as Counter Strike. Leveraging the Bitcoin network for payments rather than relying on any other tokenized solution.

This introduced a new concept of play to earn since no new tokens are issued to the gamers, but they either are rewarded by a sponsor of a tournament or they are putting up their own sats to participate in an online event.

Both companies are taking this concept to another level by allowing podcasters to reward their audience with Bitcoin. Listeners are getting paid per minute in Satoshis for the first hour of the day that they are listing to a show. It is also possible to buy content with Bitcoin, which in return rewards the podcasters. The idea behind this concept is that users will be ultimately driven to consume a certain product by being rewarded initially. Once they are convinced about the program of a show, they might even return without getting paid. In effect, podcasters are only paying a Bitcoin subsidy for an audience that is really listening instead of advertising on a cost-per-click basis.

What do I need to get started?

If you are interested in earning Bitcoin by listening to a podcast, then you’ll need to install the Fountain app and the ZEBEDEE wallet. Once Bitcoin holdings on Fountain reach a certain threshold, you can withdraw those precious Satoshis to your wallet.

Needless to say that it will take quite some time until anybody can make a substantial amount, but given the fact that Bitcoin has so drastically increased in value over time, it might be worth your while in a few years.

While we are excited about the general idea, please note that LiteBit is not affiliated with both products nor do we support them.

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