Written by Robert Steinadler 19 days ago

Dogecoin Foundation at work - LibDogecoin in the making

The market is tanking and hodlers of the last resort are being tested while the world is waiting for the conclusion of the Fed’s June FOMC meeting. Dogecoin is also having a hard time in terms of its most recent price development. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, at least from the perspective of the developers and the meme coins fundamentals.

What is LibDogecoin and do we have to take the “doge adoption” more seriously?

The Dogecoin Foundation has big plans

When Elon Musk announced the Dogecoin Foundation and that there will be actual development after years of silence, most crypto experts were in disbelief. When it became clear that the Dogecoin Foundation has a lot of support from important people like Vitalik Buterin and Musks wingman Jared Birchall, the media was all over the topic.

After months of work, the Foundation has sorted out a trailmap for several projects. Each serves only one purpose: The mass adoption of Dogecoin.

Sounds strange? Yes, it absolutely does but nevertheless, actual development is going on and recently a big whoop was announced that indeed could play an important role.

LibDogecoin is meant to make building easier

One thing is for sure. If you like to see a cryptocurrency thrive you have to give the world some sort of framework to make it easier to build things on top or with its blockchain. The LibDogecoin is a project with an approach to make this possible by offering a C library that makes it easier to program new software for Dogecoin.

While this seems to be boring at first glance it is actually important since Doge is relying heavily on its Dogecoin Core wallet. This is outdated especially if you like to establish the Dogecoin standard and make it available for mobile payments and achieve a high acceptance among merchants. With LibDogecoin it will be way easier to build new wallets which are needed to reach that goal. Again, yes, it is weird but it is also the goal of the Dogecoin Foundation.

LibDogecoin is one of many pieces that are needed to complete the puzzle. Other projects that the Foundation is working on are the Gigawallet, which is an enterprise wallet. The Dogecoin Standard and of course Dogecoins own Wikipedia, the Dogepedia. Other projects like the Dogecoin Keyring, the RadioDoge using Starlink, and as well as staking and a point-of-sale solution are in the making but there are no details available at the time of writing.

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