As dYdX builds on Cosmos, ATOM rebounds

Jun 29, 2022

Over the last ten days, Cosmos (ATOM) has done a bit better than the other Layer 1s (Avalanche also did well). The rebound of Cosmos probably has to do with the fact that dYdX announced to choose this blockchain instead of Ethereum.

DeFi running fine despite the crash

Jun 23, 2022

Although crypto as an industry unfortunately does not look good in the recent crash, it is notable that the chaos is caused by the centralized lending platforms and hedge funds. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) in particular has continued to run smoothly. The exceptions are Bancor and Solend.

Upcoming: trading NFTs on Uniswap

Jun 22, 2022

Starting this fall, users of Uniswap will also be able to trade NFTs. Until now, on Uniswap it was only possible to trade ERC-20 tokens, the "normal" fungible tokens on Ethereum. The move into NFT land shows that Uniswap is and will continue to be an innovative player, and possibly will only become more dominant in its niche.

Solana app Solend uses emergency powers

Jun 20, 2022

A controversial move by the Solends Labs team: it had the community vote on a proposal to take over a large user's account. It goes to show that with this "decentralized" blockchain, when all is said and done, you don't own your own money.


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