What is CeFi?

Dec 02, 2022

There are two big sectors in the crypto industry that are not necessarily competing but complement each other. One is DeFi which is the abbreviation for decentralized finance, and the other is CeFi which stands for centralized finance. With both playing an essential role in crypto, we like to introduce you to CeFi with this article.

Ethereum's Flashbots proposes a solution against potential censorship

Nov 28, 2022

After the successful Ethereum Merge, a potential censorship issue has crept up on Ethereum. In the new block production architecture, an increasing number of transaction blocks is being built by an organization called Flashbots. This organization has chosen to be compliant with the sanctions list of the American OFAC. This poses a risk of censorship on the protocol level of Ethereum. Flashbots is aware of this and has proposed a solution.

Chainlink staking: Economics 2.0 starting in early December

Nov 25, 2022

Chainlink is a vital part of DeFi infrastructure. Its technology allows to track data that is not on the blockchain and provide it to dApps and protocols. This includes price feeds for decentralized exchanges but is not limited to this use-case.

After FTX crash, DeFi gains users

Nov 16, 2022

The reverberations of the downfall of crypto exchange FTX are felt across crypto. One immediate aftereffect is that crypto investors have been moving their stash from exchanges to cold storage. The other is the rising popularity of Decentralized Finance.


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