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Crypto trading has been boosted at crypto broker LiteBit

Publication Financial Daily Newspaper- Annex Analysis: Economy & investment 23/11/2020

The covid pandemic will cause at least 20 percent extra trade growth in cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin this year, CEO Olivier Van Duijn estimates. “After an initial slump at the start of the first lockdown, we saw activity recover after just a week. Since then, it has continued to grow unabated.”

Best Crypto Broker

Van Duijn sees two causes for this extra growth. “When people spend more time at home, they become more digitally active. That is part of the platform economy. In addition, a growing group of people and companies see crypto, and especially Bitcoin, as a safe investment in turbulent times.”

The main things that keep investors from investing more massively are a lack of trust (65%) and familiarity with cryptocurrencies (38%). "Still, this period is a logical time for investors to look into alternatives and give crypto a try."

In 2019 and 2020, LiteBit won the "Best Crypto broker" award thanks to the vote of the public. Since its foundation, LiteBit has hosted more than a million users from all over Europe on the platform, and this number continues to grow.

Official DNB registration

The crypto landscape is beginning to mature with increased industry supervision. At the beginning of November, LiteBit was one of the first parties to receive an official registration with DNB. CEO Van Duijn: “It is expected that regulation will lift the entire market to a higher level. With our registration we prove that trading in crypto is safe with us. That could just be that little push that someone needs to experiment with crypto. We expect that many more consumers will invest in crypto.”

Research also shows that reliability is essential: 71% of investors with an interest in crypto say that reliability is the deciding factor. LiteBit wants to become the number 1 in Europe by being the most customer-friendly and reliable crypto broker.

European growth

Throughout Europe, the LiteBit.eu platform and the App are used daily and the Customer Support team is available 24/7 for questions and support in their own language. “In this way we make the step to crypto for everyone with an interest, easier, more secure and more personal. Our goal is therefore to be the leading European crypto platform, not only for the people who already trade in crypto, but for everyone”, says Van Duijn.

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