Erik Weijers, a year ago

Will you be my crypto Valentine?

eToro did a funny study on the intersection of two passions of younger generations: online dating and crypto. According to the study, mentioning crypto in your online dating profile is a plus. Although the survey doesn't seem to dig very deep, we are inclined to believe this finding.

According to the study, 33% of those surveyed are more likely to accept a date if the other person mentions crypto in their profile. The magnetic effect of the term crypto is greater on men than on women: 40% and 25% respectively are attracted to it. What makes these findings difficult to interpret is that the study does not examine the effect of other terms. This makes it difficult to compare percentages.

Divide and conquer

Still, from our own experience - and from what is known about online dating texts - we can have an educated guess on this matter. First, the purpose of online dating profiles is to make the other person quickly assess whether you two are a match or not. Run-of-the-mill texts won't do that. For example, a finding of dating site OkCupid was that the word pizza is one of the most used words in profile texts. Probably because many people mention it as their favorite food. But by doing so, they are not putting themselves out there. As almost everyone likes pizza, the information value of the word is almost zero and you will not find a suitable match with it.

With the word crypto (or Bitcoin, or NFT) it's different. It always evokes strong feelings. Some people hate crypto. Fine. Convenient that you find that out even before you sit together at a bar, right? But other potential lovers are just as fascinated by the subject as you are. All the better that you mention it in your profile: your competitors do not stand a chance with their pizza (or clichés such as 'work hard, play hard').

In short: the purpose of your profile is not to please everyone. Instead, you want to determine as quickly as possible who suits you and who doesn't. By repelling some people, you attract others. Crypto fits that purpose very nicely.

The golddiggers or the nerds?

What will you catch with your mention of crypto? That might also depend on the market. In a bear market the nerds and in the bull market the gold diggers? Both can be dangerous for romance. Because crypto is a subject that tends to suck up a lot of attention.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Ivan Perez, owner of a crypto company, says: “Some girls will like my profile and then start off by saying ‘you work in crypto, how cool.’ Then, when we go on a date, the first 10–20 minutes usually focus on how crypto works and what I do. Some women focus on the money aspect only. I’ve had many experiences where I go on dates and crypto becomes the whole topic of conversation.”

One of the women interviewed, community lead Jessica Salamanca says, “Yes, I got more matches, but then came the ‘mansplainers.’ Working in Web3 — which still very much feels like a man’s world — has no shortages of challenges. Dodging mansplainers in and out of work and on Tinder is exhausting.”

Hoping for that crypto Valentine

Crypto never leads to dull conversations. As a crypto lover, you sometimes feel like a teacher, sometimes a brave defender of an ideology, sometimes cornered as a gullible geek. But the feeling of "orange-pilling" your uncle is almost impossible to beat. Almost... because we hope that one day you will experience a perfect crypto date: a date where you look in each other’s eyes while talking about the record-high hashrate. Or laugh together at those stupid hackers who kept their stolen Bitcoin seed phrase in the cloud instead of in cold storage...

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