Written by Erik Weijers 7 months ago

One in three US small businesses want to accept crypto this year - Doge high on wish list

Digital conducted an interesting survey of a thousand owners of American small businesses. Some surprising results: Over 27% want to start accepting crypto in 2022. Possibly even more surprising is that Doge is number 3 on the wish list of coins to accept - right after Bitcoin and Ether.

Digital is a review website that focuses on products for small businesses. As we had to blink for a second about the Doge result we'll cite the exact question:

Which cryptocurrencies do you plan to or already accept?

To that question, out of a thousand respondents, 83% answered Bitcoin, 42% Ethereum and 29% Dogecoin. Remarkably, Doge leaves Tether (USDT) behind (14%). Tether is a stablecoin, which has the advantage of little or no price fluctuation compared to other crypto currencies. And yet, this coin is not as high on the list. Perhaps because a dollar stablecoin has less added value in the United States than in other countries?

10% already accept crypto

Perhaps even more interesting than just the intentions of small business owners, are the actual adoption numbers. 10% say they already accept crypto in the (web) shop. Another finding: almost one in three business owners feel pressure to accept crypto. That pressure simply consists of repeated customer demand. Companies do not want to lose customers. Incidentally, 30% of respondents say they will never accept crypto.

What does this mean for crypto?

This news is bullish for crypto becoming mainstream. The fact that Microsoft or Wikipedia accept Bitcoin for payments or donations is one thing. But that the demand becomes so high and the payment infrastructure so accessible that anyone can adopt – that is another matter.

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