Robert Steinadler, 4 months ago

Chiliz 2.0 is in the making – Scoville testnet revealing its great features 

Chiliz had a successful run in terms of price for the last couple of weeks. One factor that came into play is that the national football teams of Portugal and Argentina are part of its own Socios platform. With the start of the football world cup 2022 approaching, things got more heated. But there is more to Chiliz than pure price speculation.

What is the Scoville testnet and what are the plans for Chiliz in the coming months?

Chiliz Chain 2.0 is not only about fan tokens

Chiliz is all about Socios, a platform for fan tokens that allow token holders to get exclusive access to their favorite team. Each team gets its own token and fans can buy them with CHZ in order to gain access to exclusive advantages for fan token holders. Such as a meet and greet with the team or a specific star, VIP tickets, participating in special events, or acquiring collectibles.

Quite a few internationally renowned teams have become part of this and Socios even has a partnership deal with Lionel Messi.

The idea of Chiliz Chain 2.0 (CC2) is to extent this system that is currently limited within the confines of the Socios app. It is designed to power a Web3 ecosystem of its own that is focused on the sports and entertainment industry. According to the team behind Chiliz, the new platform will give access to global brands while leveraging already existing partnerships.

The Scoville testnet is live

The Scoville testnet started in this year and its purpose is to test smart contracts that are going to be deployed on CC2. The new chain is powered by its own consensus and allows holders of CHZ to stake their tokens. Governance is also a part of the new plans, as well as NFTs, a DEX, and a cross-chain bridge.

This extends the functionality of Chiliz drastically. Scoville is running through different development stages and entered phase 4 at the end of October, which is dubbed “Cayenne”. After a successful testing period of Cayenne, two more stages have to be successfully tested before deploying the new technology on the mainnet in the final stage.

According to the roadmap, the start for the mainnet could be done in Q4 2022, but as we are getting closer to the end of this year it is not clear if the deadline will be met. The first game will start this Sunday and the finale is scheduled for December 18th. Should Chiliz deliver its new tech before the end of the world cup, this would create a nice surprise.

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Mar 28, 2023

Chiliz is the native token that powers the Socios platform and during the FIFA World Cup 2022, the hype around the concept peaked. This year it became more silent around Chiliz since investors' expectations weren’t at the same level as they were during the event. Good things in crypto are often born in times when the market becomes quiet and builders are just focusing on their job. Last month Chiliz launched its mainnet successfully and is making plans for the future.

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