Pay me in Bitcoin: New York Yankees getting orange pilled

Jul 15, 2022

Last year pay me in Bitcoin became a trending topic on social media since more celebrities rallied behind BTC and demanded getting paid directly in BTC. Even the mayor of New York vouched to covert part of his paycheck into Bitcoin. One could argue that those decisions made last year were driven by the hype around Bitcoin during the bull market. Yesterday the New York Yankees announced that the team is opting for Bitcoin despite the bear market. It seems that the most successful baseball team in the world is getting orange pilled.

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland researched the Lightning Network

Jul 14, 2022

The Lightning Network is Bitcoin’s big hope and the solution to the biggest problem that each blockchain has to face which is decentralized and built with security in mind. It doesn’t scale very well. The more people like to use it and transact at the same time, the more expensive it becomes. Transactions are also slower since they have to wait in line until they are confirmed. Recently, the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland published a paper on the Lightning Network and its impact.

Switzerland: PostFinance will adopt Bitcoin until 2024

Jul 13, 2022

Bitcoin and other cryptos came under heavy pressure due to the Fed’s decision to fight inflation by raising the interest rates. Another factor that weighs heavy on the market is the CeFi lending crisis that created even more turmoil and even forced some companies into bankruptcy or brought them close to it. But despite these harsh market conditions, the Swiss post office is embracing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Why is PostFinance adopting Bitcoin and what will they offer to their customers?

Will 137.000 Mt. Gox Bitcoin dump the price?

Jul 11, 2022

For years it has been talked about: will the victims of the 2014 hack of Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox finally get their Bitcoin back? The lawsuits have been dragging on and on. But now it seems that it will happen soon. What will it mean for the price of Bitcoin when all that BTC is released?


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