Was Bitcoin almost called Netcoin?

Sep 26, 2022

A day before the domain bitcoin.org was registered in August 2008, someone registered netcoin.org through the same registrar. That can hardly be a coincidence. It's another fun new fact from the early history of the father of all crypto currencies.

What is the Bitcoin dominance?

Sep 16, 2022

In finance, you can assess how crypto currencies are doing by comparing market capitalization between them. Bitcoin dominance is the value of all Bitcoins added together divided by the total value of all other crypto coins. Let's see why this is an important percentage.

First two days of Hodlonaut versus Wright trial

Sep 14, 2022

Last Monday, the trial of Hodlonaut versus Wright kicked off in Oslo. Both parties have had a chance to do their opening statement for the court. The first days no doubt were a challenge for the judge, who got lectured about both cryptographic hash functions and Crypto Twitter jargon.

Bitcoin is resisting the mainstream: Hashrate at an all-time high

Sep 14, 2022

Ethereum is going to change its model of how the trust in the network consensus is created fundamentally this week. Proof of stake seems to be the next big thing and many other cryptos already adopted this model because it is easier and cheaper to kickstart a blockchain by selling token allocations and offering proof of stake. Starting with proof of work would require attracting miners who have other options at hand and is eventually also less attractive to venture capital since investment firms take staking into account when making the decision if they invest in early rounds. Bitcoin is resisting this mainstream trend and the hashrate is at an all-time high. How is this possible?


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