Can Bitcoin mining become carbon neutral?

Aug 30, 2022

Bitcoin's energy consumption is a problem in the eyes of many outsiders. What they may not know is that Bitcoin mining is one of the most sustainable industries. New figures of the effect of methane capture, shows that Bitcoin mining is on its way to becoming carbon neutral or even carbon negative.

Mt. Gox creditors won’t dump Bitcoin, here is why

Aug 29, 2022

The market is tanking again and many investors are wondering why. Last Friday a story unfolded on social media as well on several crypto blogs. The claim: Mt. Gox creditors will receive a whopping 137.000 BTC and dump them all at once this week. Why is the market tanking and why are the Mt. Gox creditors not to blame nor ever will they be?

Bitcoin ATMs hacked – How did GeneralBytes products get compromised? 

Aug 24, 2022

GeneralBytes is one of the world’s biggest producers of Bitcoin ATMs and their products are present in over 143 countries. Last weekend there was a security breach that was used to bring ATMs under the attacker’s control. It is yet unclear how much damage was done due to the attack but GeneralBytes confirmed the incident which is quite a shock.   What happened to those Bitcoin ATMs, how did this security breach got fixed and what should you keep in mind using an ATM? 

Is Bitcoin missing maturity? Anthony Scaramucci is raising the question

Aug 23, 2022

Anthony Scaramucci is the founder of SkyBridge Capital and his investment firm opened a Bitcoin fund to institutional investors. Needless to say, he is a strong proponent of Bitcoin and shares the vision of the decentralized future of money. Recently Scaramucci gave an interview to CNBC and raised an interesting question. Is Bitcoin missing maturity? What had Scaramucci to say about Bitcoin and does he have a point in assuming that it lacks maturity?


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