MicroStrategy is betting big on the Lightning Network

Sep 30, 2022

MicroStrategy is holding the largest stake in Bitcoin of all companies in the world. While it was impressive that the company kept buying Bitcoin on a regular basis, it is almost not newsworthy to report that MicroStrategy continued and also bought more BTC this month. It seems that converting all of its cash into the hardest digital asset in the world is not enough. What is the Lightning Network, why is it important and what is MicroStrategy building on top of it?

CFTC chairman believes that Bitcoin could double in price

Sep 29, 2022

Regulatory authorities are usually very careful when making statements about what could possibly happen in the future in the market. Recently, Rostin Behnam made some remarks during a fireside chat and shared his perspective on Bitcoin and the broader crypto market. What is the chairman of the CFTC thinking about regulation and why does he believe that Bitcoin could potentially double in price?

Was Bitcoin almost called Netcoin?

Sep 26, 2022

A day before the domain bitcoin.org was registered in August 2008, someone registered netcoin.org through the same registrar. That can hardly be a coincidence. It's another fun new fact from the early history of the father of all crypto currencies.

What is the Bitcoin dominance?

Sep 16, 2022

In finance, you can assess how crypto currencies are doing by comparing market capitalization between them. Bitcoin dominance is the value of all Bitcoins added together divided by the total value of all other crypto coins. Let's see why this is an important percentage.


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