Bitcoin Halving - How BTC is becoming increasingly scarce

Dec 29, 2020

With Bitcoin, it is mathematics that ensure that it can never exceed 21 million BTC. This is an absolute result and this is very closely related to a cyclical event that recurs regularly. What is meant here is the so-called Bitcoin halving. In this article, we want to go on a bit of a quest and explain why this event is so elementarily important and why it is playing such an important role.

Why the bitcoin price has produced a new all-time high

Dec 27, 2020

Many investors probably looked a bit incredulous when Bitcoin revisited the $20,000 mark in December 2020. BTC took a total of 3 years to revisit the old all-time high, and it only took a few days to reach a new all-time high. Right now, the bitcoin price is in a correction after a fabulous rise to just over $24,000. But how did this happen and why did it take so long? In today's article, we get to the bottom of what led to this price rally in recent weeks.

Bitcoin mining - How the digital gold is mined

Dec 21, 2020

Bitcoin mining is a technically necessary and sometimes controversial process. It has ensured since the beginning of the Bitcoin blockchain that no one is able to forge past transactions, manipulate the money supply or prevent current transactions. However, the idea behind it takes into account not only technological aspects, but also those of game theory. In this article, we want to look at the origins of mining, and in addition to how it works and how it came to be, we also want to look at the social implications.

From point A to point B: Bitcoin transactions explained

Dec 06, 2020

Bitcoin is considered the most secure cryptocurrency in the world. In almost12 years of its existence nobody has managed to successfully attack the network and to disrupt or manipulate even a single transaction. Therefore, the trust is extremely high, which is also very important, because in a decentralized network there is no central institution that could be held liable for errors.


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