The most hilarious crypto memes during the 2022 crash

Jan 26, 2022

The crypto community is very resilient when it comes down to crashing markets. One way to handle the crushing loss is by simply making fun of it. Memes have always carried cryptocurrencies and Dogecoin is one of the most prominent cryptos that is paying homage directly to a meme. Let’s heal together and check the most hilarious memes that have been posted on social media during these dark times.

IMF to El Salvador: stop accepting Bitcoin as legal tender

Jan 26, 2022

The IMF has urged the government of El Salvador to roll back the law of Bitcoin as legal tender. That law has been in effect since September 2021. The President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele, responded with a friendly raised middle finger, by means of a meme.

The market is down again - Is the recent Bitcoin crash healthy?  

Jan 25, 2022

A crash can always happen in any market and it is usually a very rare event. That is not the case with Bitcoin as crashes are events that happen quite regularly. Unlike in the stock market, Bitcoin and other crypto-assets are crashing on a regular basis and usually not without a rally that is going on beforehand.   This leaves us with the question of whether a crash is a good thing in some respects or not. Bitcoin is down almost 51 % from its all-time high. Is such a loss inevitable?

Things to consider while the crypto market keeps tanking

Jan 24, 2022

The last week has been bad. And as this week just started it becomes clear that it probably won’t get any better. While we don’t provide financial advice there are a couple of things that you should pay attention to. A crash is not only a devastating loss on the balance sheet but also an opportunity to manage risk and adjust one’s own strategy if necessary.


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