El Salvador: Bukele’s Bitcoin trades are far less than transparent

Nov 01, 2022

Bitcoin is transparent. Its blockchain and the supply of BTC can be audited at any time and by any person. In fact, the ongoing validation of each new block can be considered already an audit of present and past transactions. This transparency is a feature that is unmatched and it has been working continuously for the last 13 years. Trading with Bitcoin on the other hand is not necessarily transparent and has brought up some issues in El Salvador more recently. How much Bitcoin was bought by El Salvador and why is transparency an issue when it comes down to Bukele’s trades?

Bitcoin pubescent: five ways in which it has challenged authority

Oct 31, 2022

Is it a coincidence that Satoshi Nakamoto released the Bitcoin Whitepaper on Halloween? Regardless, since that 31st of October in 2009, Bitcoin has been a ghost haunting and taunting the traditional financial system ever since. Let's look at five ways in which it has done so.

Bitcoin Miner Core Scientific close to bankruptcy

Oct 28, 2022

How would you feel if your Bitcoin stash plummeted from thousands to a measly 24 within half a year? Probably the same way American Bitcoin miner Core Scientific is feeling now: issuing a bankruptcy warning. Bitcoin mining is a cutthroat business.

Chinese spies got tracked using Bitcoin

Oct 26, 2022

Many people still believe that Bitcoin transactions are anonymous and that nobody can intrude on your privacy and tell to whom you sent BTC or from where you are receiving the equivalent of digital cash. That is not correct. Bitcoins blockchain is a public and very transparent ledger that can be audited by anybody at any time. Bitcoins transparency is not a bug, but a feature! Because of this nature hiding behind Bitcoin isn’t exactly a sound idea. This has been proven time and time again, but for some reason, all the villains out there won’t listen. Who are the alleged Chinese spies and why did they choose to pay with Bitcoin?


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