Bitcoin flies through resistance: what can we expect?

Mar 30, 2022

On March 27, Bitcoin's price jumped from below $45,000 to over $47,000. This marked the breach of an important resistance that had been holding the price down since early January 2022. Can we hope for new record prices or is there still too much headwind?

Highly unlikely: Will Russia adopt Bitcoin to undermine sanctions? 

Mar 25, 2022

With the war still raging in Ukraine, the international community has placed heavy sanctions on Russia and the gap between the west and Moscow is growing each day the violence is continued. It was last night when news spread all over the media that Russia might opt for Bitcoin to be able to sell oil and gas, which is both vital to the country’s economy.   What to make of this news and could this potentially be a game-changer for Bitcoin and the market? 

Major updates about Bitcoin adoption

Mar 25, 2022

As the price of Bitcoin slowly but surely moves up, good news continues to pour in. Some less positive news has also been dripping in the last couple of days. But at least there is talk of crypto all around the world! We list some updates about adoption, starting with the good news from Terra.

FOMC Meeting without any surprises – What does that mean for the crypto market?

Mar 17, 2022

Yesterday Fed chairmen Jerome Powell held a press conference in which he announced a rate hike of 25 bps. The stock, as well as the crypto market, reacted positively even before the news broke in the evening in Europe. The wait is over and we finally know what to expect in the month to come. Why is the Fed decision important for the crypto market? And how will future rate hikes be going to affect it?


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