Robert Steinadler, 10 months ago

Bitcoin accepted: Emirates Airlines plans to add Bitcoin as a payment service

Paying goods and services in Bitcoin has been something that is traditionally connected to online businesses. Renting servers, VPNs, or buying digital gift cards are a few examples of products and services that have created a huge demand over the last few years. That being said, more options became available outside the digital world because Bitcoin and crypto became more popular in general.

Why will Emirates Airlines adopt the Bitcoin standard and where else can you book your next vacation and pay with Bitcoin?

Emirates Airlines opts for crypto

The national airline of the United Arab Emirates is adopting Bitcoin for payments and crypto to get in touch with its customers more easily. The chief operating officer Adel Ahmed Al-Redha said in a statement that the airline intends to integrate Bitcoin as a payment service.

But it doesn’t stop there because NFTs will also play a role since the company will offer them on its website for trading. There are also plans to hire more staff and develop their own blockchain applications and root the company into the metaverse as an alternative option to get in touch with customers worldwide.

Al-Rheda emphasized the transformative role of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and specifically the metaverse. It will help the airline to improve on different levels. Use cases might include the tracking of airplanes with NFTs or training staff in the metaverse and boosting sales.

Book your vacation with Bitcoin

Emirate Airlines is not the first to adopt Bitcoin. When it comes down to booking a flight or a vacation Bitcoiners and crypto traders have several options at hand. Travala, as well as Bitrefill, are good examples of where travelers can turn if they like to pay with crypto.

With both online shops, a variety of options become available. Such as booking Airbnb, or paying on one of many different tour operators. Customers can even pay an Uber with Bitcoin if the service is available in their country or their destination.

The fact that Emirate Airlines is opting for crypto is another addition to an already growing ecosystem that allows Bitcoiners to opt out and never touch cash again. With each company that accepts crypto, the adoption is growing and crypto becomes more important to the world. While many traders believe that the most important use case is speculation, it is worth remembering that a currency is only worth something if it’s used.

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