Robert Steinadler, a year ago

Becoming an NFT millionaire – These collections made a hodlers dream come true

If you are around in crypto for a couple of years you might have asked yourself the question, what if I bought early Bitcoin and held on to it? Well, we all know the answer, you would have become rich. But that train already left the station and there is a new generation of crypto millionaires who are more concerned with digital art, rarity, and the spirit of the community associated with their investments.

What if you have minted one of the following NFTs? And how much money would you have made?

The Bored Ape Yacht Club

The BAYC is one of the most valuable and iconic collections that came out in April 2021. Its mint price was 0,08 ETH, which was roughly worth 175 Euros at that time. Fast forward almost a year later the floor price is 103 ETH.

But not only is the “poorest” BAYC member worth about 280.000 Euros. There was an airdrop of the MAYC collection that zombified the apes and with the latest airdrop of ApeCoin each hodler received somewhere between 35.000 and 140.000 Euros worth of APE additionally. Not to mention the option of minting a Kennel which adds even more value for long-term hodlers.

It is safe to say that minting a common NFT and holding it for about a year created around 450.000 Euros for the investor. Of course, the rarest NFTs from this collection are worth millions.

How about an EtherRock?

In case you missed the story: yes, there are rocks and they are incredibly expensive. In 2017 the EtherRock project took issued 100 NFTs each depicting a simple and not very impressive rock from a clipart website.

In summer 2021 the market went wild for the collectibles that are described by some spectators as not really distinguishable. The most expensive rock has been sold for 900 Ether. Given the fact that it was completely inexpensive to buy one rock in 2017 the value created for the hodlers was absolutely fantastic.

Only 30 rocks were sold initially in 2017 and critics were triggered over the fact that people are willing to spend so much money on tokenized clipart.

The Degenerate Ape Academy

Ethereum is still number one when it comes down to NFT and marketplaces. Still, last year Solana tried to challenge that, and interestingly enough the sale of the Degenerate Ape Academy pushed the price for Solana in summer 2021.

The most expensive pieces are offered for thousands of SOL and are worth millions. The most expensive piece that was sold in August 2021 for 5980 SOL which was about 1 million Euros at that time. That being said, the Degen Apes are so remarkable because they created so much value within a very short time span. The minting price for one ape was 6 SOL which was 230 Euros at that time. Today’s floor price on the other hand is not so impressive because Solana lost so much value since its all-time high.

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