Erik Weijers, 16 days ago

Apple's potential headset announcement: implications for metaverse coins?

Apple's WWDC 2023 event will kick off on June 5. Rumors that Apple will present a first look at its AR/VR headset are doing the rounds. Supposedly looking like a pair of ski goggles, the headset will only arrive on the market at the end of this year. Being crypto investors, let's talk a bit about the potential implications of this for metaverse coins. 

A report in The Wall Street Journal says the headset (reportedly called the Apple Reality Pro)  will feature an external battery pack and that its capabilities far exceed those of competitors. Why would Apple give a preview that precedes the actual launch by many months? It would give Apple the opportunity to let app makers familiarize themselves with the product, since apps will likely be a key part of the headset experience. After all, the WWDC stands for world-wide developer conference: it focuses on software for the Apple ecosystem.

Augmented reality

The reportedly upcoming headset is sometimes called AR/VR: augmented reality/virtual reality. Augmented reality superimposes computer generated reality on the real worlds that you see through your glasses. You would control the device by using hand gestures.

More than the virtual reality aspect, Apple's CEO Tim Cook is interested in the augmented reality aspect. iPhones since the 12 have had AR sensors embedded. That's why Apple watchers think the apps being built won't be metaverse games predominantly but apps that would leverage the headset in a work environment. You could browse the web on its screen, read books with it, take part in video conferencing.  

But hold on for a second. The word metaverse just dropped. As crypto investors, we know how crypto traders jump on narratives. Four months ago, the AI hype was in full swing and AI coins started pumping. Despite the above, if people see a headset they think: metaverse. Could the focus on Apple's headset cause a temporary shift to metaverse coins? In that case, coins like Decentraland (MANA), ApeCoin (APE), The Sandbox (SAND) could do well. Even Floki Inu (FLOKI) has a metaverse game.

This is not financial advice. But it is something that traders should be aware of. The mentioned coins have nothing to do with Apple's project. Or, as trader Cobie said: 'What’s the connection between a VR headset and some ERC20s representing the ownership of 20px of land inside an Improbable reskinned fork? '

But even though these coins have nothing to do with the metaverse in the Apple ecosystem, the coins will be in the spotlight simply by association of the category they fall into. 

Maybe Apple won't present a headset, maybe it will and metaverse coins won't pump. Who knows. But it's good to keep in mind that in crypto, the money flows where the attention goes.

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