Market panic because of war between Binance and FTX

Nov 08, 2022

Crypto markets are plummeting against the backdrop of what seems to be a feud between the CEO's of two giant crypto exchanges: Binance and FTX. We list the rather worrying developments and discuss the possible implications of this new war within crypto.

Solana pumped (and dumped) after Google announcement

Nov 07, 2022

Google Cloud announced that it is becoming a Solana validator and will set up dedicated hosting for Solana nodes. Solana pumped 15% to €39 on the news. But as the first excitement faded in the following day, and the crypto market as a whole slumped, SOL had to give back the gains. Nevertheless: good news for Solana, of course.

MATIC pumps after Instagram NFT news

Nov 03, 2022

In March of this year, we wondered which platform Instagram would choose to introduce its NFT market. Yesterday, the company made it public that Polygon (MATIC) is the chain of choice. It's not surprising that MATIC rose on the news. After a pump of 15%, it retraced a bit, following the general bad sentiment in crypto and stocks.

Floki launches long-anticipated FlokiFi locker

Oct 28, 2022

Many Floki fans (or: Floki Vikings) are cheering now that the FlokiFi locker was launched on their mainnet yesterday. Floki is working hard to shake off their memecoin reputation and has been focusing on creating more utility.


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