LooksRare explained: How LOOKS is challenging OpenSea

Sep 08, 2022

NFTs are one of the fastest-growing markets and it already caught the interest of global players like eBay. The biggest NFT marketplace worldwide remains OpenSea with a yearly multi-billion Dollar revenue. There are quite a few reasons why NFTs became successful. First of all, NFT collections are fun and they are creating strong communities. But what’s even more important is that there is a variety of use-cases for non-fungible tokens involved. It is possible to tokenize event tickets, art, music, and even digital property, just to name a few examples. Many analysts believe that NFTs will see even more growth with the adoption of the metaverse. This underlines how important NFT marketplaces are and what potential they could possibly unlock once this vision becomes reality. LooksRare is a challenger that is not only offering an NFT marketplace with similar options as OpenSea but also its own token that completes its ecosystem.

Ethereum Classics hashrate is at an all-time high pre-Merge

Sep 07, 2022

The Merge is going to commence next week and while the market is taking yet another nosedive, there is another blockchain profiting from Ethereum’s big transition to proof of stake. Miners were producing approximately $700 million worth of ETH in August 2022 and the equipment that was used for doing so will be put to work elsewhere once the Merge is over. Is Ethereum Classic becoming the new home for miners, how is the hashrate doing, and is it correlated to price?

Arbitrum launches Nitro: even cheaper Ethereum transactions

Sep 05, 2022

On August 31st, Offchain Labs conducted a major mainnet upgrade from Arbitrum One to Arbitrum Nitro. The launch was a success, at least as measured by daily transactions, which reached all-time highs. The Layer 2 solution is now raking in about twice as much in daily fees as its competitor Optimism.

Which blockchains and apps still generate trading fees?

Aug 31, 2022

The DeFi bubble burst this year. The prices of the coins have fallen, and so has the overall value locked up in those protocols. But that doesn't mean the apps stopped working. On the contrary, they kept working flawlessly during the last crash and are still raking in nice transaction fees. Which chains and apps are doing best in this respect?


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