Cashrain: Kim Dotcom is showering communities with Bitcoin Cash

Dec 05, 2022

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) may have lost the fight against Bitcoin (BTC) and is perceived as an altcoin by most market participants and analysts rather than the true version of Bitcoin. There is still movement regarding its adoption and community.

NFTs live on Uniswap

Dec 01, 2022

Yesterday, Uniswap launched the option to trade NFTs on its platform. Uniswap will be an aggregator: it lists NFTs from all major marketplaces, including OpenSea and LooksRare. Uniswap claims its NFT marketplace is up to 15% cheaper in gas fees compared to other NFT aggregators.

Fantom’s price jumped 17% after Cronje revealed the foundation's financial status

Nov 29, 2022

Fantom is not only a cryptocurrency, but its development is run by a foundation under the same name. The founder of this trust is Andre Cronje, who is perhaps one of the most influential figures in the DeFi space. Recently, he revealed the financial status of the Fantom Foundation and this had quite some impact on the market.

About the receding tide and naked crypto companies

Nov 28, 2022

One after another major player in the crypto world toppled over since spring 2022. Crypto exchange FTX was the latest (for now?). Crypto prices took a nosedive during this period. Are we at the end or could some more corpses fall out of the closet?


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