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Leading Dutch crypto exchange LiteBit partners with RIDDLE&CODE to pave the way towards regulatory compliance and launch the next generation of crypto services

Apr 11, 2021

Vienna and Rotterdam, April 13th 2021, RIDDLE&CODE FinTech Solutions, an innovative European company that empowers financial institutions to handle all aspects of digital asset management, announced today that LiteBit, the leading Dutch cryptocurrency exchange, has chosen its Token Management Platform (TMP) to scale infrastructure, respond to regulatory requirements and provide advanced capabilities to its growing customer base.

Bitcoin at all time high – what to make of the frenzy

Mar 31, 2021

Bitcoin is not only the first technology that introduced the blockchain and aims to be the money of the internet, but it is also the most successful asset in the 21st century in terms of its price development. It has created a lot of innovation in the financial system, but apparently the most interesting factor to many people is its thriving market that is known for its massive volatility. In this article we like to share some thoughts on Bitcoins last all time high and why it is more attractive to buy when prices are higher instead of buying an all time low.

Tesla accepts Bitcoin – Is this what mass adoption looks like?

Mar 31, 2021

Elon Musk broke it to the public via Twitter that Tesla is going to accept Bitcoin. Within minutes after his initial tweet international news media was all over the topic. Not only because Musk is creating a hype for cryptocurrencies and particularly Bitcoin and Dogecoin, but also because this spark a real change with many other companies worldwide. Musk known for his role as an innovator and risk taker and being visionary. Is this mass adoption? And if the answer is yes, what would it look like in the near future?

All time high: Beeple NFT sells for 69 million US-Dollars

Mar 17, 2021

Non-fungible tokens have started as a small idea and a few platforms that aimed to bring this usecase of blockchain technology to the masses. A year later the hype is real and NFTs have created a craze among collectors, investors and speculators all around the world. In this article we are not only outlying pros and cons of NFTs, but also featuring the most expensive tokens that have been sold so far on the free market.


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