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Miner crisis: When will the market consolidation end?

Nov 03, 2022

Mining companies came under heavy pressure this year. There are three main reasons why this is happening and two of them are part of the crypto market. The third however is an external reason that is brand new and we don’t have any data points from the past that could hint how this scenario is going to play out. With more companies facing bankruptcy some even fear that the mining industry could collapse just like the CeFi lenders did. Why are more companies getting wiped out and why is this not a problem for Bitcoin and proof of work?

Will we enter a decade of no returns?

Nov 03, 2022

Stanley Druckenmiller is a soft-spoken, elderly multi-billionaire investor. When he gives his opinion, financial advisors listen. As a macro investor, Druckenmiller doesn't day trade, but views things on a multi-year timeframe. It is his opinion that we might be in for a decade-long sideways market for stocks. But how about crypto?

It's that time of the month: we're all looking at the Fed

Nov 01, 2022

It's slightly exasperating that everyone in finance is looking forward again to 'that period of the month' where a bunch of American elders lock themselves in a room. In their endless wisdom, they will determine the price of money for the coming month. What effect will it have on our crypto prices?

El Salvador: Bukele’s Bitcoin trades are far less than transparent

Nov 01, 2022

Bitcoin is transparent. Its blockchain and the supply of BTC can be audited at any time and by any person. In fact, the ongoing validation of each new block can be considered already an audit of present and past transactions. This transparency is a feature that is unmatched and it has been working continuously for the last 13 years. Trading with Bitcoin on the other hand is not necessarily transparent and has brought up some issues in El Salvador more recently. How much Bitcoin was bought by El Salvador and why is transparency an issue when it comes down to Bukele’s trades?


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