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Bitcoin and Ethereum turning green again: Why is the crypto market pumping?

Oct 26, 2022

It is always the same, when the price is down nobody wants to buy and when it goes up nobody likes to sell. Even more importantly, investors are looking for a reason why the crypto market is recovering all of a sudden. The price for Bitcoin went up by 7% and for Ethereum by 15% overnight. After being tortured by brutal sell-offs for the better part of this year, we are finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. Why are Bitcoin and Ethereum leading the charge, and what reasons do have to believe in a recovery?

Cash App lets users pay with Lightning

Oct 26, 2022

Cash App lets users in the United States pay other persons with Lightning, Bitcoin's layer 2-network for fast and cheap payments. It will allow 40 million users to get even more familiar with Bitcoin and Lightning: a nice win for adoption.

Tectonic shifts in the stablecoin market: USDC slowly slides

Oct 25, 2022

When summer started in earnest this year, the second biggest dollar stablecoin, USDC, started losing market share. It was a trend change from a years-long uptrend versus USDT. People were already preparing for 'the flippening': the moment where USDC would surpass the original stablecoin in market cap. What's going on?

Post Merge: How is Ethereum’s supply burn working out?

Oct 25, 2022

Ethereum has successfully shifted to proof of stake over 30 days ago. Many were sceptic about the impact on the network’s security and the long-term perspective. Some even feared that smart contracts could crash and Ethereum could become entirely unreliable. Most of these talking points turned out to be false or the real problem was not as severe as anticipated. With that being said, one specific positive effect was the reason for a pre-Merge rally and after some time has passed its effects are becoming better visible. Is Ethereum’s supply shrinking and will we witness a new era of scarcity of Ether?


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