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Do Kwon is still at large and is facing yet another law suit

Oct 31, 2022

Terra Labs started with big dreams and high hopes for decentralized finance and the way the world would issue and interact stablecoins in the future. After UST collapsed in May a terrible contagion effect brought down many players in the crypto industry. First and foremost, CeFi lenders like Celsius, BlockFi or Voyager. Now that the dust is settled the aftermath of Terra is not looking pretty either and the former founder and CEO Do Kwon is still at large. The general attorney in South Korea wants to have a word with him and even investors are searching for his whereabouts internationally. What is the latest turn of events in Do Kwons case and how could this affect him in the future?

How Twitters blue checkmark could drive Dogecoins mass adoption

Oct 31, 2022

Elon Musk has taken over Twitter and while we are only four days in after he took over, popcorn is already becoming the ultimately scarce resource on planet earth. He started by firing three executives including the CEO who managed to corner him and basically forced him to honor his initial offer for Twitter. Now Elon Musk is reversing “woke speech” and replacing it with free speech. Some fear that this could have a negative impact on democracy while others believe that even toxic or outright hateful opinions should be allowed on the social media platform. What are Elon’s plans for Twitter, and how could a subscription model contribute to Dogecoins mass adoption?

Bitcoin pubescent: five ways in which it has challenged authority

Oct 31, 2022

Is it a coincidence that Satoshi Nakamoto released the Bitcoin Whitepaper on Halloween? Regardless, since that 31st of October in 2009, Bitcoin has been a ghost haunting and taunting the traditional financial system ever since. Let's look at five ways in which it has done so.

Will Hong Kong’s crypto regulation start another bull market?

Oct 28, 2022

China banned mining in May 2021 and crypto trading is also a complicated matter. For a long time trading was tolerated, but most exchanges were forced to quit their operations in China. With a total ban in effect many people feared that China would never come back again. Yesterday, a report from Bloomberg suggested that this could change in the near future. What reason do we have to believe that Hong Kong will divert from the mainland’s regulatory approach and could this initiate a new bull market?


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