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Nostr and Lightning becoming a couple

Mar 06, 2023

Both Bitcoin’s Lightning Network and the new decentralized social media platform Nostr are showing nice growth figures. A new catalyst is the integration in Nostr of zaps: Lightning payments that are tied to posts on Nostr.

Lido is setting a record: 150,000 ETH staked within a single day

Mar 06, 2023

Lido is the biggest provider of liquid staking, with only a few competitors who are starting to conquer some of its market shares. Liquid staking has many advantages. One of them is being able to invest or spend Ether that is being staked. Recently, Lido set a record that is notable and also tells about the long-term sentiment of market participants.

BNB Chain launches ambitious roadmap for 2023

Mar 06, 2023

Don’t sleep on Binance Chain: it is the largest chain in terms of daily active addresses. In the final week of February, Binance unveiled their technical roadmap for 2023. Some of the areas of focus are a separate chain for data storage, increased transaction throughput and network decentralization.

Yuga Labs will mint NFT collection on Bitcoin

Mar 03, 2023

Yuga Labs, the ‘Disney’ of the NFT space, will launch an NFT collection on Bitcoin. The exact mint date is not yet known. The launch will be a fresh injection in the Ordinal NFT hype, that had died down a bit the past two weeks.


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