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Solana pumped (and dumped) after Google announcement

Nov 07, 2022

Google Cloud announced that it is becoming a Solana validator and will set up dedicated hosting for Solana nodes. Solana pumped 15% to €39 on the news. But as the first excitement faded in the following day, and the crypto market as a whole slumped, SOL had to give back the gains. Nevertheless: good news for Solana, of course.

New Bitcoin mining software will give more power to small players

Nov 04, 2022

Bitcoin mining pools are great for distributing block rewards to solo miners who otherwise hardly stand a chance. But these pools pose a centralization risks: only five pools make up two thirds of the global hashrate. Since mid-October, there is an update to the way mining pools and miners can interact: Stratum V2. This will eventually put block production in the hands of miners.

Crypto regulation: EU delays vote on MiCA

Nov 04, 2022

Markets in Crypto-Assets are the proposed regulation for the EU. After a long debate and an even longer process of formulating the new rules, the EU is one step away from adopting a unified regulatory approach to cryptos. Many crypto proponents feared that this particular step could change crypto for the worse, but it seems that it will change it for the better. Why has the final vote on MiCA been delayed, and what can we expect from the regulation under its new regime?

Outrage: Hydro-Québec attempts to shut down Bitcoin miners

Nov 04, 2022

Bitcoin is under constant attack by its critics and their biggest talking point is the energy consumption of the network that is caused by the miners. Many Bitcoiners had high hopes that with the mining industry opting for green energy sources this debate would sooner or later become obsolete. It seems that selecting a fitting supplier isn’t enough. Why is Hydro-Québec looking to cut off Bitcoin miners from one of the biggest green energy supplies available in the world?


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