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Layer-2 in the making: Cardano’s Hydra shows progress

Nov 18, 2022

Cardano is developing its second-layer protocol dubbed Hydra that is meant to improve its scalability similarly like the Lightning Network is doing with Bitcoin. Recently, Hydra made some progress with a specific development that could boost Cardano and bring micropayments to the masses.

Edward Snowden is getting eager to buy Bitcoin, here is why

Nov 18, 2022

Edward Snowden is yet another prominent Bitcoin proponent, who lives in exile and often publicly comments on current events via Twitter. This time he wasn’t concerned about the state of affairs with FTX and all the buzz that is going through the media, but with the current price of Bitcoin.

NFT news Nike, Ronaldo and Red Bull

Nov 17, 2022

Nike will launch .Swoosh ('dot swoosh') tomorrow. It seems to be a blend of an NFT marketplace and a platform for cocreation. Another big event in the NFT world is the collaboration between Cristiano Ronaldo and Binance, launching his NFT collection. F1 team Red Bull is also involved in the new economy of digital ownership: it will feature an Azuki on their cars.

El Salvador pledges to buy 1 Bitcoin per day

Nov 17, 2022

There is not a lot of good news available lately, but it seems that one particular player in the market is keeping up the good work. El Salvador is a small country and not economically powerful. Nevertheless, its president Nayib Bukele came up with yet another powerful plan.


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