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Congo: How Bitcoin mining saved a national park

Feb 06, 2023

We already featured how Bitcoin mining advances rural regions in Africa last month. But not only decentralized energy grids can refinance themselves through a little bit of hash power. While environmentalists are waging war against the mother of cryptocurrencies, there is a place that appears to be highly unlikely to be saved by digital gold.

Will Uniswap deploy on BNB Chain?

Feb 06, 2023

Uniswap is one of the few bigger pillars of the DeFi industry. The protocol relies on a series of smart contracts and offers automated market maker functionality that makes the biggest decentralized exchange happen. Another important aspect of Uniswap is its governance but it seems that recently not everybody is happy with whom is taking the vote and their choice of options.

Hot tokens: SHIB keeps on burning

Feb 03, 2023

Each project has so-called tokenomics, and they are a driving factor when it comes down to growth in price and user base. Shiba Inu is waiting for the launch of Shibarium and while the community is already excited, other trends are worth paying attention to.

How IOTA is powering EnergieKnip

Feb 03, 2023

Energy consumption is one of the challenges of the 21st century. The energy demand is rising, while climate change dictates that we all need to reduce our consumption. A difficult situation that is difficult to solve. One project in the Netherlands is trying to impact the everyday lives of the citizens of municipality Emmen.


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