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Yuga Labs will mint NFT collection on Bitcoin

Mar 03, 2023

Yuga Labs, the ‘Disney’ of the NFT space, will launch an NFT collection on Bitcoin. The exact mint date is not yet known. The launch will be a fresh injection in the Ordinal NFT hype, that had died down a bit the past two weeks.

Crypto developers slowly emigrating from the US

Mar 03, 2023

On Twitter, you can often hear American crypto companies complaining that the lack of clear regulation is driving businesses offshore. The reasoning is that the financial watchdog the SEC is filing lawsuits left and right, creating uncertainty and discouraging innovation. Now, numbers confirm that there is indeed an exodus ongoing from the US to other countries, albeit a slow exodus.

Smart accounts: Ethereum deployed account abstraction

Mar 02, 2023

Ethereum underwent a lot of changes when switching to proof of stake and the roadmap to finalize Ethereum 2.0 is still long. Other improvements that are in the making haven’t caught much attention because the Merge and its aftermath stole the whole show. Yesterday, a groundbreaking improvement was announced that is believed to have the potential to drive user adoption of Ethereum by improving its overall usability.

Solana needs to improve – Yakovenko reveals new strategy

Mar 01, 2023

Solana had another outage last weekend and it took over 20 hours until transactions were transmitted again. This has been one of many incidents the high-speed blockchain suffered from in the past 12 months. Another outage just happened in January but was less severe than the last crash of the network. The worst part is that the cause of the last incident is yet unknown and developers are working tirelessly to resolve the issue.


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