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TIMEX is launching limited BAYC watches

Dec 05, 2022

Rolex is the brand that comes first to mind when talking about exclusive and expensive watches. Of course, there are several other exclusive brands and some of their watches are even more expensive. Timex is an all-American company founded in 1854 that is not so well-known in Europe.

Record Ethereum Layer 2 activity

Dec 05, 2022

Ethereum’s Layer 2 ecosystem has witnessed record network activity in November. Despite the bear market, the monthly transaction fees that L2's paid on Ethereum doubled from the previous month. It's another sign that we're in a 'bullish crypto winter'.

Cashrain: Kim Dotcom is showering communities with Bitcoin Cash

Dec 05, 2022

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) may have lost the fight against Bitcoin (BTC) and is perceived as an altcoin by most market participants and analysts rather than the true version of Bitcoin. There is still movement regarding its adoption and community.

Signs that we’re close to the bottom?

Dec 05, 2022

Is the bottom in? This question is not only on the minds of crypto investors. Also traditional investors are looking for signs that the worst is behind us. Let’s look at some indicators in both macroeconomics and crypto that could guide us.


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