When you buy cryptocurrency from LiteBit.eu it might take some time before you will receive your cryptocurrency. When you decide to buy cryptocurrency from us, we immediately buy the cryptocurrency designated for you. Sometimes it might take a while before you to receive your cryptocurrency. This is because the transaction needs to be confirmed.
We will actively answer your questions during office hours. We will try to answer every question within 12 hours. We are available for questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The verification process is a tool designed to upgrade the safety of the financial sector. It prevents usage by malicious people. At LiteBit.eu we represent a safe and trustworthy environment.
It depends on your chosen payment method and account level. If a transaction is made by a verified account there will be no waiting time for your order. If your account is not verified it can take up to one day. We will wait until the bank confirmed your payment. SOFORT transactions are only instantly delivered when you are verified to at least Tier three.
The blockchain reffering to the selected crypto currency might have some issues. The only thing you can do is wait until this is solved. When this is not the case there is probably a technical issue. When u buy crypto currency , the crypto currency are reserved for you. U might want to look at your wallet and check if everything is correct. Do you not see your order in your account? It is best you contact the support.
Your wallet might still be synchronizing, you will only be able to see the coins when the synchronizing is complete. Are you using another website or exchange? Then unfortunatly you have to contact your wallet provider.
Sometimes the activation e-mail lands in the spam box. If it is not there, then you check wether you filled in the correct email. If you still can't find it, then please contact us through the contact page.
Some crypto currency have longer "Blocktimes" which can prolong the transaction and verification time.
Every Tier 1/2/3 verified account has limits. This limits are shown in My Account -> Verification. If you get over your limit, we will wait for your payment to reach our bank account. Sometimes we refund your transaction if it was your first transaction.
Sometimes it might take a while before the crypto currency is send to the network. It might take a while before the crypto currency is confirmed by the network.
No, we do not accept payments from any other bankaccount than yours. Please let your friend or relative register as well. Verification steps are fast and easy.
There are multiple reasons why your order can be on hold. The most common reason is that you placed an order that exceeds the limits of your verification Tier. If something is wrong with your order, like if you gave us an incorrect wallet, your order might also be set to 'on hold'. Please check your email, we always send emails when your wallet is incorrect. Order that are 'on hold' are already bought. A refund is not possible.
When your order is created, the first step to ordering your crypto currency is complete. Our system will update your status after a few minutes.
Your order is paid, you only have to wait for us to complete the order.
If you decide you dont want to pay your order, your order will get canceled by our system. If you did not cancel your order, please contact the support.
If your order has been paid and delivered the order status will change to 'success'. If you have not received your order, please contact the support.
You have a certain time to complete your payment. For buying you need to complete the payment within 5 minutes. For selling you have 15 minutes to complete the transaction, otherwise the order gets expired.
If you have requested a refund, you will receive a refund and your order status will change to refunded. If you have not received your refund, please contact the support.
To start using crypto currency you need to have a wallet. A wallet address is just like a bank account number. It tells the sender to whom the crypto currency will be send.
Please make sure you installed another app for scanning qr-codes, once you installed this app you are able to scan qr codes in your app.
A coupon code is a code which you may use to receive a discount on your order. You can find these codes for example in an email send by LiteBit. Currently it is not possible to buy any coupon codes.

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